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About the Fund

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder VC creates, develops and supports promising technological projects in the fields of esports, IoT, big data, cloud computing, data mining, AI and marketplace.

The fund is co-financed by PFR Ventures and private investors. We’re looking for projects with tech advantages, unique products or services, rare know-how, solid business models and strong founders.

What’s in it for you?


The VC fund invests up to PLN 3 000 000 in pre-seed and seed rounds. We’re looking for domestic or foreign companies located across the European Union, EFTA and EEA. Capitalization of the fund stands at PLN 26 000 000.

Unlimited growth

Pathfinder has helped to build numerous global businesses, right from the seed stage, through growth, up to IPO. Partnering with us highly increases your chances of securing further investment rounds from both polish and foreign investors.


Having witnessed scenarios ranging from spectacular successes to sudden failures, we’re experienced in handling uncommon scenarios. We have solved problems which might come up your way.

Planning and implementation

Pathfinder designs effective business strategies to help turn ambitious project plans into profitable companies. We actively participate in building the value of our portfolio companies at every step of the journey.

THC Pathfinder Network

We’re a group of C-level managers of THC Pathfinder and THC Private Equity with over 20 years of experience in the capital market. Partnering with Pathfinder gives you an access to expert knowledge and a global network of business connections.


Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder VC is a venture capital fund founded in cooperation with PFR Ventures and based on a European Union contribution from the programme European Funds – Smart Growth (2014-2020).

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