Let’s team up and turn your tech startup idea into a sustainable business

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Is startup studio the right model for you?

If you’re a startup founder, either on ideation or early development stage, looking for an experienced investor who teams up with you to build the business instead of just transferring the money and leaving everything else on your shoulders, then we should talk.

We power up technology and web product ideas, either completely innovative, or proposing better solutions to existing problems.
We are passionate about technology of tommorow, and so should be you.

You lead the product and stay in charge of your startup within the studio incubation period and after launch. We provide you with resources and means to turn your idea into a scalable business in exchange for minority interest – the majority stays with you.

What’s in it for you?

THC Pathfinder Network

We’re a group of C-level managers of THC Pathfinder and THC Private Equity with over 20 years of experience in the capital market. Partnering with Pathfinder gives you an access to expert knowledge and a global network of business connections.

Tech professionals

Not limited to investment experts, Pathfinder employs 300 professional makers creating custom tech solutions on a daily basis. Cross-disciplinary teams of software developers, designers and project managers could help to build your product or service.

Space and equipment

We will work together in one of Pathfinder’s fully equipped studios. You won’t have to care about space, hardware, software or coffee.

Global coverage

We will leverage gathered experience to promote the product or service across regional markets and ensure it launches and scales to the fullest potential.


Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder will provide seed funding to kickstart the financial side of the business.

Sounds good? Let’s talk.

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