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8 November 2022
Venture Building? The most interesting job in the world! From a ringtone website to two organisations with portfolios of dozens of technological projects built from scratch: Arek Seńko, Managing Partner of Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and CEO of Red Sky, talks about the profession of serial entrepreneur and how this experience allows him to support ambitious founders in turning their visions and plans into reality.
19 July 2022
To build a company, you need an element of madness Over 3500 customers from dozens of countries, a large appetite for further development, a successful IPO on NewConnect and plans for a swift move to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange – is not slowing down. How was the idea to build the company born? What does Woodpecker have in common... with an app for personal trainers? And why should we not let ourselves be discouraged by failures, but should draw conclusions and aim high instead? Today we talk to Matt Tarczyński, founder and CEO of Woodpecker.
30 May 2022
11 (un)obvious mistakes in managing a start-up. Part II In the previous part of the article, we've described the first five mistakes that founders often make at various stages of building a start-up. These include developing products that do not respond to the needs of users or prove to be over-engineered; not verifying assumptions with the market; lack of skills in multithreading in management; lacking a bird's eye view and not demonstrating a high level of competence. Today, we present additional six slip-ups that occur in many start-up stories.
9 May 2022
Science and venture building – a match made in heaven. How NaturalAntibody is changing the pharmaceutical market NaturalAntibody has been on the market for just over a year, and word has it that it can revolutionise the drug manufacturing process. Konrad Krawczyk, a scientist at the University of Oxford and co-founder of NaturalAntibody, talks about how this bioinformatics startup came about, why building a business alone is a big challenge for a scientist and how the fund's competences can help bring academic concepts to life.
14 April 2022
11 (un)obvious mistakes in managing a startup. Part I "Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not." Michael Dell's words pierce the bubble of magic surrounding the world of start-ups. How come? Isn’t brilliant idea enough? For many founders, this also comes as a surprise. When building a business, they face various challenges and are not ready for all of them. In these moments, they are most prone to making mistakes that could prove a financial blow to the company.
2 February 2022
Startup with a mission: how Wellbee destigmatises mental health and makes lives more comfortable When the Wellbee platform launched in September 2020, its mission was clear: to encourage Poles to take better care of their mental health and to help them get professional therapeutic support. We talk to Wellbee's Paweł Chrzan and Darek Milewski about what other goals the founders have set for the platform, why it is a two-speed start-up and how building Wellbee was different from building other businesses.
6 December 2021
Key characteristic of a good founder? Determination in searching for solutions How to build a start-up with an appetite for global expansion in just half a year, who should abandon corporate career to build fintech (and not only) unicorns and why a founder of a startup is not a manager – we talk to the co-founders of Booste, Jakub Pietraszek and Michael Kacprzak.
27 October 2021
Zalando – brainchild of venture building The global market of organisations operating in the venture building model is in its heyday. Among entrepreneurs, however, there is still a lot of doubt about what venture building really is. Learn more about its advantages, how it differs from the support received from incubators, and how it can be used by startups essentially looking for the typical venture capital financing.