Who we are

Pathfinder is a venture capital fund and an experienced venture builder.

Members of our team have collectively carried out more than 200 investments in Poland, Germany, Israel and USA. We have successfully sold companies to financial and industry investors across the world.

Our network includes Tar Heel Capital, one of the leading PE funds in Central Europe investing in SMEs. We have strong business connections in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, Sydney and New York, and are active in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Israel and the UK.

We’re on a constant lookout for exceptional products and services, rare know-how, solid business models and strong founders.

What we do

We invest up to EUR 1 million in pre-seed, seed and A rounds across the globe.

We are backing and building companies that design tech products and solutions focused on industries and technologies such as: esports, big data, cloud computing, fintech and martech, especially in SaaS & marketplace business models.

We have helped build numerous global businesses, right from the seed stage, through growth, up to IPO.

Venture building: our second nature

We’re accompanying founders in building startups.

As a venture builder, we create startups from the ground up: from idea or problem generation, through feasibility analysis, planning and marketing, product development, to maximization of profits. We’ll help you take your project forward from any stage.

Our resources – a broad team of experienced IT developers, project managers, HR, administration, marketing & PR professionals – can be at your fingertips. It helps save time, accelerate the process and limit the risk of someone not delivering, fast-forwarding your journey by months, even years and increasing the odds of success compared to startups in the wild.

Our venture building vehicle is drawing from the experience of our founders and group companies, including Red Sky, the largest Polish startup studio company with a global reach of 150 000 000 users across a variety of tech products and countries.

How we add value

Financing at any growth stage

Empowering founders every step of the way

Investment mentoring and organisational support

Actively participating in the creation of our portfolio companies

Tech professionals

Cross-disciplinary teams of software developers, designers and project managers that can help build your product or service

Planning and implementation

Effective business strategies to help turn ambitious project plans into profitable companies


Experienced in handling uncommon scenarios, we have solved problems which might come up your way

Unlimited growth

Increased chances of securing further investment rounds from Polish and foreign investors