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3 April 2024
How to Better Manage a Startup’s Finances in Challenging Capital Times? Are you managing a startup and feel that a difficult moment has arrived for the organization's finances, or do you want to prepare for such a moment? Are you wondering what else you can do to continue growing despite less favorable market conditions? Check out the tips we've prepared for you.
22 February 2024
Founders Connect 2: How to survive when investor money is scarce and how to spend it wisely when you’ve raised it? Are you planning to soon seek investor capital and preparing your organization to make the best use of those funds? Have you secured financing and are wondering how to use it wisely? Or perhaps you want to grow your startup without external funding? Join us on March 20 at Founders Connect 2!
24 January 2024
AI, AI, AI: what’s coming up in 2024 "The only constant in life is change" - even though uttered 26 centuries ago, this statement seems to become increasingly true with each passing year. In 2023, in the world of tech, this "constant change" was primarily associated with the tools and use of generative artificial intelligence. Will it be similar in 2024? What other trends have a chance to emerge amidst the AI revolution?
11 January 2024
Pathfinder and EKIPA Investments invest close to PLN 2 million in Multilango, a platform enabling employers to offer foreign language learning as an employee benefit, concluded the year in great style receiving a total of PLN 1.75 million investment from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, EKIPA Investment and a private investor.
13 December 2023
Boxmarket joins Pathfinder’s portfolio Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder has invested PLN 2 million in Boxmarket, an online platform offering accessories for shipping and other products essential for the operation of online stores.
27 October 2023
Pathfinder invests in teleradiology Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, together with a private investor, has invested 1.5 million PLN in the teleradiology platform Teleradius.
3 October 2023
Pathfinder Partners with Santander X Local Award Competition Are you developing a startup and in need of capital? Are the dynamic market changes posing a challenge for you? Enter the Santander X Local Award competition and have a chance to win cash prizes and personalized mentoring from experts on the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder team.
4 September 2023
Founders Connect: How to Build and Scale an International Business Founders, former founders, and future founders! Are you building a global business? Or perhaps you've already exited a startup project or you're an experienced manager and are keen to share your know-how with young entrepreneurs? Join us on September 26th in Warsaw for Founders Connect, an event that creates a space for exchanging experiences for founders and startup leaders.