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24 March 2022
CMK backed by new investor enters next stage of development Centrum Medycyny Konopnej (The Centre for Cannabis-Based Medicine), a facility providing services based on medical marijuana therapies, has been backed by a new investor - the WP2 Investments fund. Grzegorz Ciężadło, a manager experienced in the development of innovative businesses on the medical market, has joined the CMK's management. In the coming weeks the clinic is launching its first facility in Warsaw.
15 February 2022
Skinwallet joins the NFT trend with Cyber Warriors Army Cyber Warriors Army (CWA) is a collection of eight thousand unique NFTts depicting a wide array of elite heroes from the alternate reality of CyberVersum. It’s the first NFT collection created by a company publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The private sale goes live on 15 February.
2 February 2022
Founders Talks: Startup with a mission. How Wellbee destigmatises mental health and makes lives more comfortable When the Wellbee platform launched in September 2020, its mission was clear: to encourage Poles to take better care of their mental health and to help them get professional therapeutic support. We talk to Wellbee's Paweł Chrzan and Darek Milewski about what other goals the founders have set for the platform, why it is a two-speed start-up and how building Wellbee was different from building other businesses.
5 January 2022
Pathfinder’s venture building team expands Marek Friedman, a C-level executive with over 20 years experience in managing companies operating in media and e-commerce sectors, among others, has joined the fund’s team as an Interim CEO of its portfolio companies.
24 November 2021
Jan Brandes joins Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder as advisor Jan Brandes, a corporate finance expert, joins Pathfinder’s team to leverage his over 16’ years experience in advising leading European tech companies and investors for the benefit of the startups from our portfolio.
9 November 2021
RemoteMyApp moves to the next level: Polish tech startup acquired by international corporation RemoteMyApp, a Szczecin-based startup providing technology and services for streaming games from the cloud to international corporations, will itself become the property of a global player: the company has been acquired by Intel Corporation.
27 October 2021
Zalando – brainchild of venture building The global market of organisations operating in the venture building model is in its heyday. Among entrepreneurs, however, there is still a lot of doubt about what venture building really is. Learn more about its advantages, how it differs from the support received from incubators, and how it can be used by startups essentially looking for the typical venture capital financing.
16 September 2021
A strong debut of Woodpecker on NewConnect Another company from the portfolio of Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder has begun its journey in the capital markets. made its debut on the alternative market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company is already planning the next step: transitioning to the main stock exchange.