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8 November 2022
Founders Talks: Venture Building? The most interesting job in the world! From a ringtone website to two organisations with portfolios of dozens of technological projects built from scratch: Arek Seńko, Managing Partner of Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and CEO of Red Sky, talks about the profession of serial entrepreneur and how this experience allows him to support ambitious founders in turning their visions and plans into reality.
3 October 2022
Founders Talks: Market validation is a key stage in creating a start-up. Why is winning the hearts of Facebook sellers? Have you ever come across the concept of "live commerce"? Livestream shopping is a hit sales channel in many countries around the world and its popularity is on the rise, also in Poland. The seller presents selected products during a "live" broadcast, and customers declare their willingness to purchase in the broadcast’s comment section or via a direct message. Simple? Not for sellers who drown in hundreds of messy orders. Selmo is a start-up that addresses the needs of these sellers by helping to automate live sales. How its founders came up with this idea and how they validated it, what plans they have for the future, as well as where you can meet future co-founders - these are the things we talk about with Kuba Karyś and Filip Szczepanik.
14 September 2022
Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder invests in PerfectBot of WSE-listed K2 Group PerfectBot is a new generation chatbot that automates e-commerce customer service. The tool is already used by brands such as Reserved, Sinsay and 4F. Pathfinder joins the group of investors together with the KnowledgeHub fund - both funds will invest a total of PLN 2.52 million in the company.
8 August 2022
Leadership? Do not confuse with management! What is leadership in a start-up all about? According to data published by Failory*, up to 90% of start-ups on the market fail. How come? The culprits are numerous: from unsuccessful ideas, ineffective marketing activities and lack of financing to a poorly selected team. However, many of these mistakes can be easily avoided at early stages of development by giving the reins to a founder with well-developed leadership skills. But what exactly is leadership? Is it different from "ordinary" management? How did the transformation on the USS Santa Fe submarine change the view of leadership models?
14 July 2022
Sentryc raises EUR 5 M for further expansion in Europe Sentryc GmbH, a technology company offering proprietary SaaS for online brand protection, has raised EUR 5 million in a Series A round led by a French investor Seventure Partners. Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder first invested in Sentryc in 2019.
11 July 2022
Founders Talks: To build a company, you need an element of madness Over 3500 customers from dozens of countries, a large appetite for further development, a successful IPO on NewConnect and plans for a swift move to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange – is not slowing down. How was the idea to build the company born? What does Woodpecker have in common... with an app for personal trainers? And why should we not let ourselves be discouraged by failures, but should draw conclusions and aim high instead? Today we talk to Matt Tarczyński, founder and CEO of Woodpecker.
4 July 2022
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst? How to survive the coming months as a start-up Here it is - the market correction. The wave of changes that has arrived in the global financial markets has already reached start-ups and venture capitalists, arousing extreme emotions. How to control them and how to prepare for what may come?
22 June 2022
Joanna Włoch joins Pathfinder as the Interim CFO of portfolio companies Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder is growing and increasing the competencies of its venture building team. It has just been boosted by the arrival of Joanna Włoch, a finance and accounting specialist with over 10 years’ experience as a certified auditor and advisor in Big Four accounting firms.