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5 January 2021
Andrzej Różycki opowiada o Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder w podcaście „Wszystkie twarze biznesu” „Nie jesteśmy typowym inwestorem. Działamy na dobrych ludzi jak magnes - dajemy im coś, czego nigdzie indziej nie dostaną” - Andrzej Różycki opowiada o Pathfinderze oraz odpowiada na pytania dotyczące rynku private equity i venture capital jako gość Grega Albrechta w podcaście „Wszystkie twarze biznesu”.
27 October 2020
Pathfinder invests in – startup facilitating a quick sale of flats and investments in the real estate market We have invested PLN 1.2 million in Homly, a platform that facilitates the process of buying and selling residential property, which is entering the market with ambitious plans.
22 September 2020
Pathfinder invests in Wellbee, a platform that facilitates access to online psychotherapy Wellbee – a platform that facilitates access to online psychotherapy – has joined Pathfinder’s portfolio having received an investment of 1 mln PLN.
9 September 2020
Skinwallet debuts on NewConnect Skinwallet, owner of a platform enabling gamers to trade digital goods, has debuted on the small market of Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is the first company in our portfolio and at the same time the first entity representing the e-sports and digital goods market that floats onto Warsaw's market.
26 August 2020
RemoteMyApp powers MagentaGaming, Deutsche Telekom’s brand-new cloud gaming app MagentaGaming, Deutsche Telekom’s very own cloud gaming platform, was released on the 25th of August, ahead of the Gamescom 2020. The new cloud gaming product is powered by RemoteMyApp – a provider of customisable cloud gaming technology and gaming content to businesses worldwide and the owner of MagentaGaming is now officially…
31 July 2020
Hollywood is Not Enough: Plum Research raises PLN 10M to conquer the global entertainment market Venture capital firm Montis Capital, together with Weston Investment Management, have invested a total of PLN 10 million (approx. 2.6 million USD) in Plum Research, a startup from the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder portfolio that provides audience analytics for film and TV viewership.
7 July 2020
Close to PLN 2 million for SaaS facilitating company management in uncertain times GrenadeHub, a startup offering solutions for corporate team planning and financial management, has raised PLN 1.75 million for further growth. Venture capital funds Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and Venture Inc believed in its potential.
1 July 2020
Game-changer in cloud gaming: Deutsche Telekom invests in RemoteMyApp, the company behind Vortex Polish cloud gaming start-up RemoteMyApp received €2 million in financing from Deutsche Telekom’s strategic investment fund, Telekom Innovation Pool GmbH.RemoteMyApp provides cloud gaming technology and gaming content to businesses worldwide and operates its own cloud gaming service​, ​ Telekom and RemoteMyApp are working on a beta version of a platform…