Wellbee introduces a new psychoeducational platform and welcomes a new investor

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Wellbee, one of the fastest-growing Polish well-tech companies, has gained a new investor - the bValue fund. The company has expanded the offerings of the Wellbee.pl platform with a completely new catalog of psychoeducational content and courses on topics such as emotions, relationships, and personal development, developed by top Polish mental health specialists.

Wellbee, a platform supporting Poles in taking care of their mental health and a company from the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder portfolio, has secured a new investor. The bValue fund has joined the group of funds currently supporting the company. 

Now more than ever, companies must take responsibility for the health and well-being of their employees. On one hand, companies strive to retain employees and maintain their productivity, while on the other hand, they must deal with stress, burnout, and mental illnesses. Wellbee helps the companies for whom the mental health of their employees is not indifferent, in a very accessible and modern way. Another r us to invest was the strong and motivated team that knows how to scale the business dynamically while not forgetting about profitability,” says Maciej Balsewicz, founder of bValue Fund.

New content and offerings on the Wellbee.pl platform

The company has also expanded its product catalog with completely new, high-quality educational content and courses on topics related to personal and professional development. The materials, available in the form of videos, podcasts, and articles, developed by the best Polish mental health specialists, complement the company’s basic services, which have been connecting patients with verified mental health specialists since 2020.

Wellbee’s mission has always been to remove barriers to access to psychotherapy and support patients in choosing the right specialist. Thanks to our new courses, anyone who would like to undergo therapy but is still hesitant for various reasons can delve into a selected topic on our website or get a free consultation with a Therapy Assistant, who will answer all questions and help in choosing the best course of action and specialist. Patients already undergoing therapy can now also expand the knowledge gained during therapy sessions,” says Paweł Chrzan, co-founder of Wellbee.

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Wellbee enables patients to access over 180 specialists in the field of mental health, including sexologists, psychodieticians, sports psychologists, as well as specialists from other areas of personal and professional development, coaches, and mentors. Through the platform, individuals can schedule both individual therapy sessions in various approaches, as well as couples therapy, youth therapy, or group therapy. As the only mental health platform in Poland, Wellbee offers access to specialists in psychiatry and also provides users with the opportunity to have a free consultation to determine their needs and receive support in choosing a therapist.

Wellbeing as an employee benefit

According to the latest study Bliżej siebie – psychicznie i empatycznie w pracy (“Closer to Self – Psychologically and Empathetically at Work,”) in which Wellbee is one of the partners, as many as 41% of employees feel emotionally overwhelmed, and 86% believe that work has a significant impact on their mental health. The same nationwide study also shows that 76% of employees declare the need for companies to implement programs supporting the mental well-being of employees, and 73% would like to have access to a psychologist provided by the employer.

Data shows that companies like Wellbee are now seen as one of the most important providers of mental health support benefits. Besides offering services for individual patients, Wellbee also offers products for companies, allowing them to take care of the well-being of their employees. This is utilized by both medium-sized enterprises and international corporations such as PwC, EY, Canon, Brenntag, or EPAM.

Supporting employees’ mental health is gradually ceasing to be perceived as an additional benefit and is becoming an expected standard for everyone. Awareness among employers about mental health is growing, and companies are starting to see a quick return on this investment. However, it is still a taboo subject in many circles, which is why we have been conducting psychoeducational campaigns since the beginning of the platform, aimed at normalizing this topic. Our new courses are another manifestation of these efforts,” says Darek Milewski, co-founder, and CEO of Wellbee.