Pathfinder and EKIPA Investments invest close to PLN 2 million in Multilango

5 minutes, a platform enabling employers to offer foreign language learning as an employee benefit, concluded the year in great style receiving a total of PLN 1.75 million investment from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, EKIPA Investment and a private investor.

Multilango is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to meet the expectations of employees and provide them with the benefit of learning foreign languages. Under the subscription, the user can learn one or several languages of their choice. Learning takes place online on a one-on-one basis, with experienced instructors tailored to the user’s needs and proficiency level.

Currently, the platform provides access to instructors for sixteen different languages, from English and German to less common ones like Korean or Japanese. However, the founders emphasize that this list will continue to expand.

“We are flexible, and in addition to considering market trends, we expand our offering to languages for which our clients express demand. The feedback we receive from them shows that this type of benefit is highly needed in the market. Confirming this are studies indicating that about two-thirds of Generation Y and Z workers want the opportunity to benefit from learning a foreign language. And it is precisely these generations that will dominate the job market by 2025,” explains Cezary Chałupa, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Multilango.

Multilango Co-founders: Cezary Chałupa, Łukasz Skrzypek, Michał Paszko

The startup founders, Łukasz Skrzypek, Michał Paszko, and Cezary Chałupa, are entrepreneurs with extensive experience in private business and corporations. They bring not only experience in creating and scaling new projects but also numerous observations regarding training and employee benefits.

“Learning foreign languages is one of the few benefits that bring benefits to both the employee and the employer. Multilango not only allows introducing such an offer to organizations but also ensures the efficiency of money spending,” says Łukasz Skrzypek, the company’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

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The company’s clients are primarily medium and large enterprises, including brands such as Atman, Daimler Trucks Polska, and Canal+.

“Employee benefits have become an integral part of the battle for employee attention. Learning foreign languages stands out against market standards: it is encountered less frequently than, for example, medical or sports benefits, and as one of the few types of benefits, it brings additional value to the employer by allowing employees to expand skills useful to the organization. Multilango responds to an important market need and can boast an experienced founding team, so we are pleased to invest in this project,” comments Radosław Czyrko, Managing Partner at Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder.

The company plans to allocate the funds obtained primarily to increase its presence in the market and scale sales, as well as to further develop the product’s functionalities, including work on machine learning and speech recognition features.

“We believe that the approach to learning foreign languages as an employee benefit has tremendous potential. The platform provides tools for effectively developing employees’ language skills, thus creating value for companies by promoting diversity and global communication in the workplace. We are confident that this offering will change the way corporations think about the language development of their employees,” says Maciej Siemaszko, Managing Partner at EKIPA Investments ASI.

New investors join the Czysta3.VC fund, which previously invested in Multilango. In total, the startup has raised nearly PLN 3 million in funding so far.