CMK backed by new investor enters next stage of development

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Centrum Medycyny Konopnej (The Centre for Cannabis-Based Medicine), a facility providing services based on medical marijuana therapies, has been backed by a new investor - the WP2 Investments fund. Grzegorz Ciężadło, a manager experienced in the development of innovative businesses on the medical market, has joined the CMK's management. In the coming weeks the clinic is launching its first facility in Warsaw.

We are glad that WP2 Investments – a fund known for investing in companies and industries for which innovation is at their core – has joined the ranks of our shareholders. The raised funds will help us carry out further activities related to the development of the brand. We will allocate them for goals such as the development of technology that facilitates therapy, promotion of the clinic in Warsaw and opening further facilities that we are planning to launch in other Polish cities“ – says Konrad Gładkowski, CMK’s CEO.

WP2 Investments invests in projects running in industries such as fintech, biotechnology or green energy, supporting their development with capital and strategic know-how. 

Innovation, business potential and quality of the management team are complemented at CMK by a real and very important social need. This is yet another important step for our fund towards impact investing emphasises Wojciech Pysiewicz, Co-Founder of WP2 Investments.

CMK is about to open its first brick and mortar facility at Mennica Residence in Warsaw. It will also continue to offer remote therapy to patients. The clinic is constantly expanding its team of doctors and specialists from various fields of medicine, and plans to open up more facilities.

The intensive development of CMK also brings changes in the company’s management board, which was joined by Grzegorz Ciężadło – a manager highly-experienced in the healthcare and pharmacy sector, previously Director of Strategy, M&A and Innovation at the Scanmed Group. Grzegorz has also become CMK’s COO. He has replaced Kamil Sabatowski, who from the very beginning supported the building of CMK on behalf of the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder fund, which develops the company in the venture-building model. The current Interim COO will take over the function of the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the company. 

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The company has just reached a new, higher level. We are implementing the goals of the strategy presented to our shareholders and we have acquired a new member of the Management Board. This is the next stage in the development of this project and the venture-building support of the fund changes its character from strategic-operational to strategic-advisory. I am pleased to give up my board seat to an extremely experienced manager. This will allow me to focus on coordinating the launch of subsequent business lines in the project and supervising, in a comprehensive way, over the implementation of the strategy” – says Kamil Sabatowski. 

CMK is a medical facility that specialises in providing medical services based on cannabis-based therapies (so-called medical marijuana). In one place it brings together specialists from various fields of medicine, combining medical experience with the mission of making modern therapeutic solutions available to patients in a way that is both conscious and safe.