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Who are we looking for?

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder Lab is a tech incubator supporting concept stage projects and early growth stage startups.

You’re a perfect fit if you are an expert in your field, who is aware of technology and the opportunities it provides. On top of that, you’re an enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneur with a project that:

  • has an engaged founding team
  • polishing a service or product for customers
  • operates in the fields of i.e. internet, mobile, new technology, biotechnology, medicine, healthcare, environmental protection or renewable energy

What's in it for you?

We could boost your project with an investment up to EUR 200 000. In addition to financing, you would gain access to know-how and support of experienced investors and industry advisors. We will:

  • verify the idea and suggest the right growth direction
  • refine the product or service
  • develop an effective business model
  • analyse the competition and help to leverage market advantages
  • support you with introducing the product or service to the market

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