Boxmarket joins Pathfinder’s portfolio

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Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder has invested PLN 2 million in Boxmarket, an online platform offering accessories for shipping and other products essential for the operation of online stores.

Boxmarket is an e-commerce platform for stores primarily engaged in online business. It provides sellers with everything they need to pack and ship products to buyers, including eco-friendly packaging and other essential accessories. Its clients are mostly small and medium-sized businesses operating online, seeking ways to optimize shipping and warehouse operations.

The platform is particularly appreciated by entrepreneurs for whom providing a high-quality user experience is essential. Boxmarket allows customization of packaging with the use of a creator, without the need to send inquiries and wait for a quote.

“We strongly believe in the dynamic development of the e-commerce industry, and consequently, the packaging market for this industry. Small and medium-sized businesses play a significant role in it, and they are who we want to reach with our offering throughout Europe. Cooperation with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder will significantly accelerate our sales development,” says Krzysztof Rusin, the main shareholder of the company.

Kamil Karasiński, CEO and Krzysztof Rusin, the main shareholder of Boxmarket

The company boasts a growing list of business partners, collaborating, among others, with as a subcontractor for orders in a dropshipping model (where the selling store outsources order fulfillment entirely to another entity) and with Shoper.

“We will allocate the funds raised, among other things, to further investments in IT and the continued digitization of processes, as well as strengthening marketing efforts aimed at increasing sales scale in Poland and abroad,” adds Kamil Karasiński, CEO of Boxmarket.

The e-commerce and shipping sales market continue to grow; there are already around 60,000 online stores in Poland, and according to forecasts, the value of the entire Polish e-commerce market is expected to increase to PLN 187 billion by 2027, a growth of PLN 94 billion compared to 2021. In record-breaking 2020, almost 9 billion parcels were sent throughout Europe.

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Currently, besides Polish stores, businesses from 24 other European countries use the platform.

“Boxmarket’s activities align with the growing demand for products related to the expanding sector of online sales and e-commerce. The universality and competitive pricing of the platform’s products transform into its enormous potential for expansion into international markets. We are pleased to support such a steadily growing business, managed by a highly qualified and experienced team,” comments Radosław Czyrko, managing partner of Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder.

It is estimated that the packaging market in Poland was worth around PLN 60 billion in 2022.